Welcome to Dori Shick Fitness
I Help You Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life
Welcome to Dori Shick Fitness
I Help You Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life
As a fitness professional I believe that the foundation of a successful training program is to become progressively stronger with constantly varied functional movements preformed with high-intensity interval training and metabolic resistance training for building muscle, fat loss and improved cardiac conditioning.

You have to get strong first, then everything else falls into place! You build muscle... which burns fat.... and the result from this hard work is you feeling stronger, healthier and happier in all aspects of your life!!!

Fitness is not one size fits all... together we find what best suits your needs and what will yield the best results for you!

Aside from my deep passion for all things heavy and sweaty... Nutrition is a real passion for me.  You know the saying "you can't out work a bad diet?" 
well guys, that is 100% true! 

You can be killing it in the gym, and if you are not killing it in the kitchen then you are really running in circles and will not see the benefits of all your hard work.  Nutrition is 80% of the game.... you cannot ignore your diet. 

I actually hate the word "diet"... no one wants to say... I'm on a diet.  I preach that this is not a diet, but that it is a lifestyle... you are starting a lifestyle that you can easily maintain for the rest of your long happy and healthy life! I would describe my nutritional guidelines as pretty simple...

I don't do anything to special, and I don't avoid a ton of different foods... I don't stress over weighing out my food or counting calories... I just focus on taking in "quality" "real" food! I want you to maximize your workouts by getting the best nutrition and best recovery possible setting you up for future success.

Fitness can be fun!

Setting goals and crushing them is an amazing feeling... a feeling that becomes addicting!  I'm excited to be the person to help you start this journey... a journey of healthy habits, strong self esteem and finding the best version of yourself possible.

Strong is the new Skinny!!

- Dori

Bachelor in Science
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
CF-L1 Certified Trainer
Mom of 3 amazing kids

Contact: Dori@DoriShickFitness.com
  Jerilyn shares
  Training with Dori was one of the best decisions of my life.  She was low pressure, yet still motivating.  She taught me how to make better lifestyle choices and not to think of training as strictly for weight loss. 

I learned to stay on course and overtime I saw real changes in the way i looked and felt.  My kids even worked out with her and loved it.  She has made a lasting impact on our entrie family for which i am forever grateful. I'm so excited she added a digital portion to her bootcamp so that i can train with her again even though i live in another State!
Andrew shares
At 44 years old, I was 230+ pounds.  36" waist was snug, and rapidly feeling more like I needed to think about moving up to a 38".  My doctor recommended I start taking blood pressure medication. 

Turns out a healthy lifestyle can save your life. 

Today I am 46 years old.  205 pounds.  30-32" waist.  M-L shirt.  110/60 average blood pressure.  And I enjoy crossfit every day.

Thank you Dori.  For your friendship, encouragement, and passion.  For your continued advice, training tips and meal suggestions.  Thank you for being a strong mother and inspiration to my three daughters.  But most of all, thank you for just being you.
  Nicole shares
Training with Dori changed my life in so many ways. She is a trainer unlike any.

I have a love for working out and have worked with a variety of trainers over the years, but none compare to Dori. Before training with her the gym was something I loved, but not always something that left me feeling as confident as I had hoped.

My desire to be skinny and something I saw in the media left me feeling defeated more times than not. But all of that changed when I met Dori! She pushed me to see my true potential, to be strong, to love my body and all that it is capable of doing.

It is because of Dori that I now understand that there is so much more than striving to be "skinny", that I am stronger than I think, and capable of so much more than I knew. Dori Shick is inspiring, encouraging, and empowering.

If you're lucky enough to train with Dori and allow her to push you further than you ever imagined you were capable of, then you are most certainly lucky enough. It is because of Dori Shick that I now strive to be STRONGER,  healthier, and more confident every day.

Sheila shares
Dori saved me; with her guidance, encouragement, and enthusiasm she trained me and help me develop confidence in my exercise movements. I gained strength that surprised me, she stressed proper form to avoid injuries – something we both agree on. I called my time with Dori, “the killing time”, but I was serious about never missing a session. I went home many times with spaghetti muscles while dripping sweat, but was always grateful to be exercising with her. Dori also expressed the need to eat a healthy diet, and thankfully my husband is a great cook!

I’ve lost fat and gained muscle, and I have to wear a belt with my pants – and I feel good!

Thank you Dori for setting me on this path, you are an inspiration to me and you ROCK!!

-Sheila Anderson  Austin, TX, age 59

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